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Bayit Home Automation

Bayit translates into Home; making it all the more appropriate to bring you the most innovative, state of the art home automation solutions. Bayit was founded on a foundation of intelligent experience. Over 25 years of knowledge and understanding in manufacturing and import abroad. An insuperable expertise in OEM private labeling to not only the mass market retailers but the smaller niche outlets alike. Bayit differentiates itself and prides it’s expertise in quality, individuality and superb customer satisfaction.Bayit brings you the most cutting edge technology such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, Zwave, Wi-Fi and RF. Bayit brings you avant- garde design with DIY installation, that takes only minutes and no computer required to setup. Bayit develops home automation solutions of prestigious standards at efficient and affordable prices.

Research & Development

Our Research and Development process begins with the end user in mind. We aim for solutions with easy set up, minimal instruction required, user friendly and clean design. Bayit provides intuitive, easy to use, sleek and clean Android and IOS applications, as well as desktop apps; available on the Google Play and IOS App Stores reaching across all customer demographics. Bayit constantly evolves and expands it’s product line to bring you high end home innovation solutions products first. Turn on your lights, view your cameras throughout your home, turn your appliances on or off; all in the palm of your hand. With app connected products we are continually working on bigger and better solutions, always staying ahead of the curve.

Customer service

Our focus remains and further strives to be our end user’s content and comfort. All our products include a 1 year warranty at no extra cost. Our customer service agents are always available to assist with all aspects pertaining to our products. With english and spanish speaking representatives willing and able to aid in setup, malfunction, interference, and answer questions or inquiries. In addition to live support most issues can be resolved online at our costumer support website with tools such as instructional video, Frequently Asked Questions, and User Guides. Our company thrives on outstanding customer satisfaction, in that achievement we offer rapid product replacement at no shipping cost on any damaged or malfunctioning products covered under our warranty. With such customer service tools we strive to accomplish minimal store returns and exceptional customer satisfaction. We are able to protect our retailers’ image and reputation by dealing with our consumers directly and providing easy and efficient support.


With facilities on the East and West coast we can deliver and meet deadlines cross country in ample time. We offer drop shipping directly to the consumer as well as direct to store and warehouse distribution. Our facilities are fully equipped to fulfill and follow all required guidelines such as EAN barcoding, UPC, ISBN and specialized labels. In addition all of our facilities are equipped to process EDI orders. Our logistics team is accessible and efficient in completing every detail.

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