BH1805 LED Lighting Kit

With smartphone controlled LED lighting, you can adjust color, brightness, tone even set modes to change the mood.




Can I control Bayit Lighting from multiple devices?
Yes just download the app to each device, and search for the Gateway on the app home screen while connected to the same Wi-Fi network your Gateway is paired with.

Can I use a dimmer switch for Bayit lighting?
If you use a dimmer switch it will need to remain at the maximum level. This provides full power to the light bulbs; you will not be able to use your wall-mounted dimmer to dim Bayit lighting. To dim you will need to use the smartphone app.

Can I use Windows or Blackberry phones with Bayit lighting?
No.  🙂

Can other people take control of my lights?
Bayit lighting is secure. The Bayit Gateway uses standard security settings with encryption packets of WPA2 making only people you choose able to control it.

How do I go back to a pure white light?
On the Remote control screen in the Bayit lighting app, hold down the group button for the group you want to change to a pure white color.

How many bulbs can I connect to one Bayit Gateway?
You can connect 200+ bulbs to each Bayit Gateway.

In what type of light sockets can I use Bayit Lighting?
Bayit lighting can be used in Edison screw E26 and E27.

What happens if my smartphone/tablet runs out of battery?
You can always turn your light on or off from the wall switch.

What voltage does Bayit Lighting work on?
Bayit lighting works on 86V-265V.

Where can I download the app?
You can go to the app store or Google play and search for “Bayit lighting” OR Scan the QR code on the Bayit Gateway.

Which devices can I use with Bayit Lighting?
Bayit Lighting is compatible with iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad with iOS 6 or higher or Android devices with version 4.0 or higher.

Will Bayit Lighting save me money?
Yes, Bayit lighting only consumes 7.5Watts and will last for up to 25 years. When using RGB (Blue, Orange, Red, Green) Bayit lighting only uses 3.6Watts at full brightness.

Will the Bayit Lighting app drain my mobile devices battery?
No, Bayit lighting uses very little battery.

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