BH1810 Wi-Fi Socket FAQ

Turn any household electronic ON/OFF from anywhere like your AC, Fan, Lamps, TV anything.

Please view the videos below for a manual setup on either IOS or Android.







Can I control multiple sockets with one mobile device?

Yes, one mobile device can control up to 150 sockets.

Can I only control the socket in home?

The socket can be controlled remotely, if the socket is online and your smartphone has an Internet connection (3G/4G/Wi-Fi), you can control the socket remotely.

Can other smartphones with the same app, control my socket remotely? How can I block access to my socket?

The socket can only be found on the same Wi-Fi network it is connected to, only people with access to your Wi-Fi network can connect to the socket. In addition, the socket supports a lock function, which can prevent access to the socket even on the same Wi-Fi network. To lock the socket select the “Settings” icon next to the socket you want to lock and select “Lock”

How can I control the socket from another mobile device?

The socket will appear on the “Devices” list after its been configured successfully, on another mobile device select the “+” symbol on the “Devices” list and select “Search socket” if the socket is found, you can control the socket in the “Devices” interface.

How do I know if the socket was successfully connected to the router?

When the socket is connected to the router, the indicator light will illuminate solid blue.

How many schedules can I set for a socket?

You can set a maximum of 10 schedules.

In what type of light sockets can I use Bayit Lighting?

Bayit lighting can be used in Edison screw E26 and E27.

I cannot find the Bayit Switch app on my Ipad’s App Store

To find the app on your Ipad please make sure when you conduct a search you are searching in “Iphone only”.

If I changed my router, how do I connect my socket to the new network?

First connect your smartphone with the new router, then setup your socket again, using the same method when you first purchased it.

If I have more then one socket installed, how do I know which socket is currently being controlled.

You can change the socket’s name. Select the “Settings” icon next to the socket you want to rename and edit the field you want to change.

Is the On/Off state of the socket shown on the app in real time?

Yes, the socket supports real-time and bidirectional feedback of it’s On or Off state. The On or Off status shown in the app is the current power state of the socket.

What is the Countdown feature used for?

You can set a Countdown do leave an appliance On or turn it Off in a desired amount of time. For example a TV can be set to turn Off in 20 minutes.

What is the “Modify Remote Password” function used for?

You can modify the remote password to prevent a user who previously had access to you socket from using it.

What kind of appliances can I use with my socket?

The socket is designed for home appliances with power rated no more than 10A and 2000W and can power on/off with an active electrical current.

Why is the socket offline sometimes?

The Wi-Fi network may be disconnected or have a poor/no Internet connection please check or restart the router.

Why wont the socket connect with the router?

There may be several reasons:

1. Sometimes, the Quick setup feature does not work with 5GHz Wi-Fi routers. If you have a 5GHz router turn off the 5GHz band in the routers settings panel, or you can try to connect manually with AP setup. (Navigate to “Configuration” on the Bayit Switch App, and select “AP” on the top right corner).
To configure with “AP setup”:

-First, you want to reset to factory settings by holding down the button on the Socket for 3-6 seconds, or until the light flashes Red rapidly.

-In the Bayit Switch app, navigate to AP setup (on the app Home Screen select configuration and then “AP” on the top right corner. (See the above image))

-Hold down the button on the Socket for 3-6 seconds, or until the light flashes blue rapidly.

-In your iPhone/Android device’s main Settings, navigate to Wi-Fi and connect to the “Wiwo” network, wait for the Wi-Fi signal bars to appear on your device status bar on the top of the screen. Note: It is very important to wait until the Wi-Fi signal bars appear on your status bar before reopening the Bayit Switch app.

-Go back into the Bayit Switch app, it will show that the Socket is connected, select the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to and enter the password.

-When it is done you will get a pop up message, select “OK”

-Go back to the apps main screen and select “Search device”, your Socket will be added to the app Home screen.
Note: You may need to search again if you don’t find the socket on your first try, sometimes it takes a couple of extra seconds for the configuration to complete.

If the above solution does not work:

2. Check that the router has an active Internet connection.
3. There may have been an issue in the initial setup, please try the setup process again.
4. If you have a password protected Wi-Fi network please verify the password is correct and try again.
5. Check the security settings of your router, WPA/WPA2 is recommended.
6. Your router may have reached the maximum number of device it can connect to, please delete an inactive connection and try again.

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