BH1818 Wi-Fi Camera FAQ

Monitor your home on your smart device from anywhere in the world. Featuring HD video, Pan & Tilt, Motion detection.

Can I view my camera from a computer ?

Yes you can use your windows operated computer to download our Bayit Cam Software. The software is windows specific therefore it will not work for Apple computers. Click the link below to be redirected to a download the windows PC tool.

Do I need to have a Micro SD card to record?

For your camera to record you must format a 32GB MicroSD card.

The camera is capable of 2 types of recordings.
-When viewing the camera if you select to take a snapshot or record using the buttons under the camera view these pictures/videos will be stored locally on your mobile device. However, with recording you would need to be viewing the camera the whole time and start/stop the recording manually, this feature is only designed for a few minutes of recording.
-With the SD card installed you can configure the camera to record directly to the Micro SD card, these settings can be found in the camera setting via the mobile app. There are instructions for these features under the FAQ section on the product support page.

To view recorded footage, select the options button on the app home screen (small circle with 2 dots in it) and select the icon that looks like a picture. Saved footage is stored there.

I am able to hear audio via the mobile app but nothing is heard from the camera speaker when trying to speak to the camera

In order to use the talk feature, please hold down the microphone button in the app, wait 5 seconds, then proceed to talk while still holding down the talk button.

I am unable to connect my camera to WiFi/internet using the Quick Setup or Manual setup

In order to successfully connect to WiFi/Internet your network encryption should be WPA2. Please make sure you are not using any special characters in your password such as !,@,# etc. Additionally, if your WiFi network has a 5Ghz band please make sure you are trying to connect using a 2.4Ghz band. In your router settings please check the broadcast mode and make sure it is broadcasting in b/g instead of b/g/n.

I forgot my camera password, how do I reset it?

If you forgot your camera password, you would need to reset the camera to factory settings and setup the camera as new. To do so, hold a pin in the reset hole on the bottom of the camera for about 10 seconds. If you have trouble locating the reset button, shine a light in the reset hole so you can see the button that needs to be pushed. Please wait for the camera to restart, then, proceed to setup again with the cameras default password “admin”.

Q. How do I change the date and time of my Bayit Cam?

A. To change the date & time of your Bayit Cam, you must login to your camera from your Windows PC, to do so pleased follow the steps below:
Note: The PC you are using must be connected to the same network as your camera.

1. Download the Bayit Cam Search Tool here: Bayit Cam Search Tool
When the download is complete, run the Bayit Cam Search Tool Application.

2. Select the camera you want to edit settings for from the “Equipments” list on the left.
Go to the “Internal Access” box on the “Equipment information” list on the right side of the application window, and select “Open”.

Screenshot from 2016-05-13 17:40:41
3. A window will open in your browser and you will be greeted with a “Windows Security” window. In the username field enter admin and in the password field enter admin (the default password is admin if you changed your camera password in the Bayit Cam app, enter your new password here).
login screen
4. Select the first “Sign in” option under “For IE, Firefox, Google, Safari Browser”.
login screen
The webpage may request to run a “Windows Media Player” add-on, if this window appears select “Allow”.
webpage addon
5. Scroll all the way to right side of your browser window and select “Options”.
6. Navigate to “System Settings”, then “Time Settings”
time settings
Edit the date & time and select “OK”

Your date & time settings have now been updated.

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