Monitor your home on your smart device from anywhere in the world. Featuring FULL 1080P HD video, Pan & Tilt, Motion detection.


Do I need to have a Micro SD card to record?

How can I setup motion detection alerts?

How can I setup recording with a micro SD card?

With TECH2 Cam HD you can record to a Micro SD card up to 32GB (Micro SD card not included).

-First insert your SD card into the camera

To setup Motion Detection Alerts, follow the instructions below.

For iPhone Users:
-Launch the TECH2 Cam app

-On the app home screen, select the small circle on the top right of the camera preview and select the Settings cog wheel

-Select “Advanced Setting”

-Select “Format SDCard”

-Select “Format SDCard”, then select “Continue”

-After the SD card has been successfully formatted, on the Advanced Setting screen, select “Recording Mode”

-Choose a recording mode, Full Time will set the camera to always record, when the SD card is full it will rewrite over the oldest data. Alarm will set the camera to record only when motion is detected. For instructions on setting up Motion Detection please refer to the next FAQ article.

I am able to hear audio via the mobile app but nothing is heard from the camera speaker when trying to speak to the camera?

In order to use the talk feature, please hold down the microphone button in the app, wait 5 seconds, then proceed to talk while still holding down the talk button.

I am unable to connect my camera to WiFi/internet using the Quick Setup or Manual setup?

In order to successfully connect to WiFi/Internet your network encryption should be WPA2. Please make sure you are not using any special characters in your password such as !,@,# etc. Additionally, if your WiFi network has a 5Ghz band please make sure you are trying to connect using a 2.4Ghz band. In your router settings please check the broadcast mode and make sure it is broadcasting in b/g instead of b/g/n.

Open a Support Ticket

Still need help?  Please open a ticket and provide as much detail as possible so we can best assist you.

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